Student opportunities

For young researchers and students interested in collaborating or considering graduate school at Kyoto University.

The Uehiro Research Division for iPS Cell Ethics welcomes young researchers and students to join us.

Uehiro Research Division for iPS Cell Ethics welcomes researchers and students interested in studying the ethical challenges of stem cell research. Emerging new technologies with stem cells and their clinical research are growing in earnest. At the same time, these technologies bring novel ethical concerns. Therefore, social science research that surveys the opinions of all stakeholders and analyzes domestic and international regulations is required. In response, our division is working on developing human resource projects to cultivate talented researchers and students collaborating with the School of Public Health at Kyoto University.

We welcome people considering study at the Kyoto University School of Public Health and interested in

・Chimeric embryo research
・In vitro gametogenesis research
・Genome editing research
・Human embryo / embryoid research
・Handling of human samples and genome information
・DNA depositories (biobanks)
・Unproven stem cell therapies

Importantly, our research results are intended to influence policy making both in Japan and internationally. Our Division is unique in that we are based inside not a School of Bioethics, but inside an Institute of Stem Cell Research, namely, CiRA, where our researchers interact daily with active stem cell scientists.



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